Argos VPH | FBO | Fixed Base Operator | Private Handling

ARGOS VPH GROUP is designed as a global solution for everyone involved in Business Aviation.

We are the leading handling and flight services provider in Italy offering worldwide charters too.
No matter if you represent a firm private jet operator, an aircraft management company, a crew member or simply yourself
Argos VPH offers you the service you’re looking for.

On Ground / FBOs

Argos VIP Private Handling, with headquarters in Rome Ciampino, has rapidly become the largest FBO’s network in Italy.

Each FBO is completely independent from the airport management, provides all executive & VIP services, and is fully equipped with crew & passenger lounges. Our staff is ready to warmly welcome passengers and crews and able to manage any flight: from executive to ambulance, from cargo to a commercial charter. We take care of slot requests civil and diplomatic permits for airport aprons and embassies, traffic rights for extra UE commercial air operator, fuel on credit basis in all Airports.

Our OCC Department headquartered in Rome manages worldwide handling requests, crew transport, inflight VIP catering, hotel accommodation, car rental request counting on a variety of reliable suppliers who share our main aim, customer satisfaction.

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In Flight / Charter

Argos VPH has also recently launched London Based CIELO Aviation, the new charter company of the group which will focus on providing efficient solutions for all corporate and private aviation needs and will increase the group presence in the business aviation market.

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In Flight / Charter